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Are you hesitating on enrolling your child in a Christian School?

Updated: Apr 7, 2021


I get it. Unfortunately, some Christian childcare centers get a bad reputation—some for their lack of excellence and others’ inability to provide a solid academic foundation. As a parent, I respect and agree with your questions. But the beauty of having an academic curriculum founded in God is that we are not only grooming our children to be scholars but men and women of God.

For the record, it's never too early to teach Jesus. From singing to the infants, teaching scriptures to toddlers, and lessons on the fruit of the Spirit. A program with Jesus as the center is the best education a parent can provide for their child. Science shows that 90% of a human’s brain is developed by age five. Early childhood is a very favorable time for imparting the Lord.

As the visionary, I want our children to excel, not only in school but in life. I want our children to read, understand numbers, and be ready for their next phase of school. One of our primary goals at Little Lambs is to provide school readiness, but I don't want academics to be the only thing we teach. As a believer, I understand that there is a knowledge more excellent in wealth than academics, which is the knowledge of God through Jesus Christ.

Training our children in the way of God is not something we should do but something we are instructed to do. (Proverbs 22:6). I would be doing you a disservice by only allowing our teachers to teach academics. We believe a balanced curriculum includes God, a stellar education, and of course, playtime for our little lambs. That is our promise to any family that enrolls.

I pray this blog post has provided you comfort in knowing that we take honor in childcare at Little Lambs.



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