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Love is the key!

In my research of childcare facilities, I often find that the staff is more focused on the pay ( or the lack) than the quality of service they provide. Of course, this is not the case for every childcare facility, but for many, this is true. For this reason, above all things, our facility is mandated to have love. We understand that each child from God is unique, memorable, beautifully made, and must be treated this way. Loving each child, cultivating their individualities, and shaping their character are all a part of loving children.

Understand, I am not saying that children are always perfect little angels. All children test us at times. I am a mother of six, so this is something I know. Nonetheless, redirecting and encouraging good behavior can be done in the spirit of love. Teaching our children academics, Bible, and character is so much more effective when coupled with love.

As parents, let us do everything in love; Even when we discipline our children. Sometimes we may need to step away to correct them in love, not in anger or frustration. At times this can be challenging, but I have found that when I do this, my children learn more.

In closing, 1 John 4:7-8 tells us that love is God. In this, we cannot have a facility that we say represents God without love; it’s not possible. Love is the thing many parents complement our program for, so we pray the Lord continues to use us and that we remain a facility filled with love.

We pray this post is a blessing.

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