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What Does Childcare Mean To You?

Greetings Parents,

When you think of childcare, what do you think about? A time when your children are cared for by an individual while you are at work? Is it simply supervision?

As I sat with a parent discussing childcare, she said something compelling; she said that her child would be with an individual more than her. She understood that morals, principles, and behavior would influence her child, and for that reason, it meant so much to her who she selected for childcare. At that time, the vision God put into my heart for this children’s center was ignited even more.

According to Google, “care” is defined as “the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.” When you think about that definition, care is vital. It’s not just supervision.

As a believer and parent, I can’t help but think about my children when I think about care. The childcare that I choose must incorporate Jesus. Over academics, I want my children to have a solid foundation in God.

Now, do we negate academics? Certainly not! Balance is key. Our goal is to incorporate lessons that reflect the many facets of life. We want well-rounded godly students. There are benefits in academics. I attended college on an academic scholarship. Our Savior was in the temple at 12, teaching the teachers. However, those that are “unlearned” (Acts 4:13), like Apostle Peter and John, can still be pillars in the Kingdom. So while academics are good, it does not influence an individual’s greatness.

Since beginning in ministry, I have always followed the example of Jesus. He sat with children and taught them. While they were not taught in the same manner as the adults, they did receive the same lesson. Children are taught by great stories, exciting animation, and laughter. Lessons that include animal noises and reconciling hugs with their friends. In our programs, each child is taught age-appropriately so that our little lambs understand.

I am a firm believer that a lesson that cannot be understood is unfruitful. I desire that every child who attends a program at Little Lambs Children’s Center is edified and that the lessons are carried with them throughout their lives.

In essence, childcare is more than supervision; Children are always learning. They learn by watching and listening to those around them. Even without a curriculum, teaching is still in progress. Therefore, it is essential that we, believing parents, choose childcare that reflects our standards.

This is why our mission is “childcare God’s way.”

I pray this post is a blessing to you.

- Kristina

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